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Here’s a quick video of some of the happy participants from the Speaking with Confidence Workshop in Melbourne 2018. I am so grateful for their candid sharing. I am here to support you in finding a more confident voice for presenting, speaking and more authentic communication in your relationships.

Mandy is an incredibly powerful coach and facilitator. She helps you cut to the chase and does it with heart and compassion. Her coaching has truly helped me break through my stress and provided me with the tools to be calm in moments that would’ve caused me anxiety in the past. Mandy has provided me with coaching that had me feeling stronger empowered and enabled me to move with velocity. I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks Mandy

Nada Wentzel

Managing Partner, The Jonah Group

I have seen Mandy on many occasions for coaching for various issues. I have always found her work and methods provided me with real results. I have been able to change many negative beliefs and learnt great tools to deal with finding my voice and being more confident. Mandy is a very caring, insightful and patient coach. If you want to make some valuable changes in your life I highly recommend going to see her. Dianne Marshall

Year Level Coordinator, Pascoe Vale Girls College

More feedback from some of the 60 plus women who participated in the Speaking with Confidence programs/training at Ballina Shire Council New South Wales:

“Mandy is a fun, vibrant communicator who’s engaging course is valuable to all professionals” 

“A great way to make some simple changes to your “before you speak” routine”

The course will provide you with skills to be more confident and get your message across” 

Mandy’s passion for her craft is infectious and she makes you feel ‘normal’ and special all at the same time. Really enjoyed her presentation, totally inspiring”

 “I came to the Speaking with Confidence course to learn tips about being more confident with Public Speaking and what I got was so much more. I realised that I am not alone, we all face the same challenges no matter what level of management we are. I now have practical, easy tools to help overcome them. Thank you so much Mandy” 

Carol Ennis

Business Systems Administrator/Analyst, Ballina Shire Council New South Wales

“We have over 90 women at Ballina Shire Council and our aim is to provide opportunities that support and foster their personal and professional development.

“We are committed to providing equal opportunities, which is why we introduced this unique training experience.

Council engaged Communication Specialist and Confidence Coach Mandy Siegel to provide Speaking with Confidence group training that offered us practical techniques to speak and present confidently in all areas of life.

The training covered things like vocal control, body control, presence, leadership and confidence.

Council’s Environmental Health Officer, Rachael Jenner, said, “This training was a great opportunity to get together with our female colleagues and learn practical advice to take our communication skills to the next level.

“Mandy was also a great presenter who made the group feel at ease and respected to share our thoughts and ideas.”

After the success of the introductory group training sessions Council is planning to offer more specific training opportunities to female staff. Thank you Mandy.”

Kelly Brown

Manager Human Resources and Risk, Ballina Shire Council New South Wales

Wow Mandy’s presentation was absolutely amazing. The information as well as each of the exercises-both breathing as well as physical were extraordinary as tools I can use moving forward. I know that this will give me the difference in my presentations going from ordinary to amazing! Many thanks Mandy-your generosity and expertise were outstanding. Gail Mastrowicz

Speaking with Confidence training is not only about public speaking its the ability to communicate with clarity and project my voice with confidence using different parts of my body, facial expressions and breathing techniques that make it so easy effective in engaging my audience. I’ve always thought I had a shy voice; now I realise I can speak in all languages, using voice, posture and power. Thank you Mandy!

Jenny Trad

Speaking with Confidence Success Stories

Thanks so much for sharing your passion and energy with us. Who would’ve thought that learning how to rev up your body and voice would’ve had such a massive impact on my presentation skills! Shannon Cooper


Mandy has taught me more about my voice, the power of projecting my voice properly and the varying dynamics that years of precious presenter and yoga training courses combined ever taught me! Thank you, you’re a real gift! Celine Waters

Writer, Coach, Business Consultant