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Meet Mandy Siegel

As human beings the closer we get to communicating the truth of who we are the more joy and transformation we can bring into the world for others. I am here to help people transform to fully express themselves with power to speak and be heard. Helping people “Sing” in their lives both literally and metaphorically. So they ‘light up’ and in turn ‘light up’ others, facilitating change in the world.

If you live meaningfully you give meaningfully.

With 25 years experience in the Performing Arts Industry as a singer, composer, educator and performer, as well as numerous years in Human Resources and Life Coaching, Mandy Siegel is fully equipped to give you the tools to take your communication and presentations to another level. The techniques she provides you with enable the protection and projection of your voice for longevity.

To share your message is a privilege and when we fully and authentically express ourselves we ignite, thus inspiring our audiences and teams to play a bigger game and make a difference in the world. The Voice is our vehicle for change!
From the moment we are born we have an innate desire to express ourselves-aiming to express our needs, hopes desires and dreams. In my experience it depends on how well our needs were met, our voice was heard and our dreams shared as to how we actually express who we truly are at any given moment. For much of our lives we are told to “shut up”, for example the old saying “children should be seen and not heard” has impacted many of us. What this creates is a “shut down” where people tend to hide their voice, opinions, thoughts and feelings.

My approach to coaching is about helping us remove the blocks and obstacles that stand in the way of allowing us to express who we really are. It’s about opening those channels and building confidence in oneself to get back to that natural state, finding greater confidence, energy levels and enthusiasm for life. I have spent 25 years working with and exploring the voice literally as a singer, singing teacher and performer and metaphorically via coaching and writing. I have worked with creating characters to express different parts of myself on stage, expressing my voice through writing and healing those parts of myself that were “never allowed to be voiced”.

Spending many years working in the Human Resource field as a Generalist also  taught me the complete value of effective and assertive communication skills. Being in a twelve-year relationship with an amazing partner  continues to show me the value of truly expressing my voice, listening and learning about communication on all levels. I believe it’s a continual journey of discovery and healing in allowing our true selves to be heard confidently in the world and in our relationships, particularly our relationship with ourselves. We all have internal voices, some are kind and others not so kind and it’s my belief that we can manage and get rid of those nasty voices that no longer serve us and are more often that not just a habit and habits can be broken can’t they? I can help you breakthrough your beliefs, teach you tools and techniques to present and speak with more confidence and guide you to your Voice of Life.