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Want To Speak With Confidence and Boost Your Business and Your Life?

Here Are The Top 3 Tips To Get Your Message Heard!

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A 6 week exploration and empowerment of your voice

What Is Coaching?

  • Coaching with Mandy is a powerful combination of NLP Coaching with singing and vocal projection techniques. Mandy’s coaching style truly gives you a breakthrough from insecurities to a space of communicating with confidence and clarity in all areas of your life
  • Unlocking your voice
  • Finding the expression of who you are with confidence

The voice and our message is our vehicle for change –to inspire audiences, teams and individuals in connecting & communicating with one another. Incorporating singing and vocal techniques allows you to strengthen your voice, so that you have more control of your voice & message when speaking, and the ability to creatively broaden your range of communication skills.

Shannon Cooper - Trainer/Presenter

Thanks so much for sharing your passion and energy with us. Who would’ve thought that learning how to rev up your body and voice would’ve had such a massive impact on my presentation skills!

Mentoring and Coaching

Through Working with Mandy you will learn how to regain the control over your voice and your mind, improving how you communicate with others and positively shifting your internal dialogue! You’ll be amazed how the techniques that you learn will powerfully influence all areas of your life.


Through Coaching with Mandy sessions you’ll learn to:

  • Massively grow your energy reserves
  • Grow your physical presence
  •  Broaden your range of communication
  •  Speak and present with confidence and authority
  •  Fully express your authentic self
  •  Remove that insecure, negative self-talk
  •  Fulfil career aspirations with another level of inner confidence
  •  Nail that next job interview, stage performance or presentation with gusto
  •  Ignite your passion to propel you into your future
  • Master the E-Factor!


These sessions are perfect if (at times you):

  •  Feel too nervous to speak up in group situations
  •  Find it difficult to find the right words
  •  Are challenged by strong personalities
  • Feel your energy drop when asked to present to a group
  • Suffer from anxiety or fears
  • Have lost your ‘mojo’
  • Can’t seem to ask for what you want

Akiko Kwakami - HR Manager

I have realised I have the power to create anything I want.If there’s anything stopping you from moving forward, go and see Mandy at Voice Of Life!

I love to help you discover how you can shift feelings of fear and turn them into courage. Over a series of one on one sessions you will unlock your voice within and no longer be without. Feel your confidence rise from session to session – Mandy.

Group Workshops and Training Programs

  • One on One coaching programs (Life Coaching and Vocal Coaching)
  • Group workshop sessions
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Training Programs

These programs are designed to unlock any limiting beliefs that hold you back from communicating your authentic message and being heard.

What you will gain….


  • An opportunity to breakthrough limiting beliefs and insecurities that hold you back from fully expressing yourself
  • Expressing your voice with confidence and clarity whether on stage as a presenter, a manager leading a team or simply having a conversation with someone
  • Deepen your connection and communication with yourself and your loved ones
  • Make a difference and play a bigger game in the world
  • The voice and our message is our vehicle for change – to inspire audiences, teams and individuals in connecting with one another

Steven Archer

Mandy’s workshop enormously helped me empower my voice and stretch my body behaviour in such a fun and interactive way, it blew me away. I feel so empowered and know it will help my presenting enormously. You Rock Mandy!

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