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Speaking With Confidence


I was confident on the outside but dying on the inside, paralysed with fear to speak up at a meeting, or speak in public.

My heart would beat so fast with fear at the thought of doing a presentation. I beat myself up to be perfect and get it right but inside I was saying

“What if I’m not smart enough,? What if I forget my words? What if they judge me?”

I even felt a bit ill at the thought of being put on the spot to speak in a meeting, I wanted to hide completely.

If any of this resonates with you have I got the session for you –

It’s now after 31 years on the stage as a singer, speaker, and educator as well as working all that time on a deeply personal journey to find my voice that I share these proven tools and magnificent workshop with you.


 I remember the beginning and if you’re there I know whats going on for you.

Holding back cost me a lack of self-confidence to go for a promotion, create videos to market my business, over-working to prove myself and abilities – burnout.

I gave away my power by not being able to speak up and found myself shrinking from the spotlight in order to protect myself…aaaah the familiar “do whatever it takes to not be seen but I really want to be seen” conundrum  I know it well.

For many people, success comes from their confidence and their ability to communicate succinctly, powerfully and authentically.
It also comes from being able to share who you really are and be 100% present with your listening and communication.

Even if you don’t currently speak in public, this course is about building your confidence from the inside out.


– Feeling too nervous to speak up in group situations
– Lacking the ability to be heard amongst strong personalities
– Having difficulties finding the right words to say
– Suffering from anxiety or fears that hold you back
– Feeling your energy drop when you are asked to present to a group
– Losing the confidence in your voice
– Wishing that you had an even more confident and engaging presence

If you experience any of these and you are a career driven woman seeking to improve your presentation and communication skills in a safe and creative environment then the Speak With Confidence Weekend Workshop is for you.

This is your opportunity to develop the energy, esteem, and self-expression that you need to grow your physical presence and to advance your professional career with confidence. An interactive workshop with Mandy Siegel will help you get your voice heard and your presence known.

Would you like to have a chat with me, to see if this is REALLY for you?

Grab your complimentary 30 minute coaching session where we will help you figure out if Speak with Confidence Workshop is the right fit for you. 

– Explore your voice through fun and interactive activities
– Gain tips on how to manage nerves and remember content
– Grow your physical presence
– Speak and present with confidence and authority
– Control your voice using specialized vocal and breathing techniques
– Confidently engage and entertain your audience
– Fully express your authentic self and tap into your true feminine power
– Fulfill career aspirations with another level of inner confidence
– Ignite your passion to propel you into your future
– Love your professional voice and even love public speaking


• Vocal Control –Breathing, diction, vocal modulation, and projection- helping to make what you say more impactful, thoughtful, inspiring and interesting so that others understand you and your message is heard.
• Body Control – How to use your body for the most effective communication, how to move, body language, gesture and use your space optimally. It’s important to avoid body tensions and bad posture that can cripple your message.
• Mindset Control – How to manage your emotions, thoughts and attitude so that you perform well and feel confident when speaking.(This includes some meditation and breathing techniques and working with releasing negative beliefs that stop you from moving forward and communicating with joy and ease).


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Investment:  TBC

You can become a confident speaker now!









Mandy has truly helped me to break through my stress and has provided me with the tools to be calm in moments that would have caused me anxiety in the past. Nada Wentzel

Managing Partner, The Jonah Group

Mandy encourages you to experiment, to be fully self expressed, to have fun, to make discoveries about how your body and your voice work and to have tools not just for the stage and not just for singing and performances but in terms of enriching your life. Toni Houston

Creative Director, TellTale Media

Mandy has helped me to express myself clearly, succinctly and powerfully. The processes are amazingly simple and a lot of fun. Anyone can benefit from the sessions. Dianne Marshall

Year Level Coordinator, Pascoe Vale Girls College

If you're still not quite sure....

you could make a time for a complimentary 30 minute discovery session to help you find out how to have an authentic confident voice.

Mandy Siegel…

…is a performer and presenter with extensive experience in Human Resources, Life Coaching and NLP. She also has 30 years of experience on the stage, as a speaker and her personal growth journey. 

Mandy is fully equipped to give you the tools to take your communication and presentations to the level of confidence you desire.

“I inspire women to master their voice on stage and in their lives. I believe everyone has the power to speak up and be heard!”

Save your spot now!

Book NOW as numbers are limited to create an intimate environment where you will receive individualised support. It took me 30 years to learn everything I know and I am honoured to be here to hold your hand and learn these proven tools to help you communicate authentically, powerfully and from the heart to grow your business and life. xxx