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Advance Your Career, Business and Life Relationships by Growing Your E-Factor 

Where would your career be if you were completely confident in every area of your life? What would your relationships look like if you were able to communicate with ease and grace?

For most people, success comes from their confidence and their ability to communicate succinctly, powerfully and authentically. I call it the E-Factor. The E-Factor is what excellent communicators, leaders, teachers, parents, business owners and entrepreneurs’ possess. What’s more, the E-Factor can be learned! There are three keys to mastering the E-Factor and they are the difference that makes the difference!

The three keys to mastering the E-Factor and immediately experiencing a noticeable change in your confidence and ability to communicate are:

1.  Energy

2.  Esteem

3.  Express yourself fully and authentically

The E-Factor is a proven science that harnesses your natural ability to use your body in conjunction with your mind to powerfully express yourself.

The solution is simple and hugely profound. You can develop the Energy, Esteem and self Expression that you need to access your E-Factor. 


Did you know that a large majority of people are using less than half of their lung capacity and have no control over their voice? They’re getting choked, dominated and they’re stumbling over their words in their inability to tap into to their natural true power. This stops them from creating meaningful relationships and moving their careers and businesses forward. In just minutes, you’ll learn how to position your body and utilise your breathing to massively grow your energy and your physical presence.

The Instrument for Esteem and Energy

Your body is your instrument when it comes to speaking confidently. You can do vocal chord exercises – sure, but getting your body warmed up is THE most important thing to do. The body is the instrument and when it is Enrgised and you Esteem is switched on, you can say the things you  need to, to the people you need to with sincerity and confidence.


Another option is one on one coaching.

Through Coaching with Me, Mandy Siegel, you will learn how to regain the control over your voice and your mind, improving how you communicate with others and positively shifting your internal dialogue! You’ll be amazed how the techniques that you learn will powerfully influence all areas of your life.

I will show you how to get the E-Factor working for you and you will notice immediate changes in your ability to control your voice and powerfully express yourself.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can find your true voice and get your message heard contact Mandy.