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Finding Your Voice – Letting go of Perfectionism. By Mandy Siegel 22/11/2021.   

Having to be perfect can be so debilitating – It causes internal pain and stress and releasing this old pattern and negative belief is AWESOME!

Finding your voice is an ongoing journey for all areas of life.

Personally, I’ve struggled with perfectionism forever, having to get everything ‘right’ having to be a certain way so others can accept me, and many variations of this old limiting habit.

Now I know that it’s untrue because not only is it impossible, but ‘perfect’ in who’s eyes? ‘Perfect’ in what way? It’s crazy making and I’m done! Phew and thank you. (Mind you it’s an ongoing journey like lots of things. We’re always learning).

I was reflecting today on how much it used to stop me from enjoying my life, doing things I really love and progressing in my career.

Recently I joined an online song writing group and I made a commitment to writing and recording a new song every week. We share our songs, give each other support and constructive feedback and continue along our sweet song writing journey.

I am up to 21 songs in 21 weeks and what I’m learning is exponential!

Making the commitment and showing up to the space to create every week no matter how I feel is one thing, then I’ve focused on “How can I enjoy this journey?”

I realised it doesn’t matter so much about the end product (even though I do want to record an album of my songs) but more about creating and enjoying the process.

This distinction is such a sweet relief for me. Nothing has to be perfect; I can submit rough versions of my songs (In fact they are all rough) I can even submit a shit song, not that I think they are shit at the time, but let’s face it they’re not all going on the album 

What I’ve noticed from committing to doing this most enjoyable activity for myself, even though I don’t always feel like it, is that I keep showing up and then it all unfolds, flows, happens. I don’t need to know how or what I’ll be creating until I show up and I’m learning to trust myself, my voice and creativity and the Universe, God or whatever you prefer to call it, to play with me in this space.

My life in general is so much more joyful and I’m lovingly attending (most of the time) to my business and other life activities with more ease and flow. WOW and thank you very much!

Here are some easy steps to support you if you’d like to start doing more of something you love and enjoy it:

  • Pick one thing that brings you joy, or you’d like to get better at (It could be anything you’re currently not doing that you’d like to do or something you’d like to do more of e.g., drawing, painting, collage, walking, yoga, baking, gardening, meditating, writing, singing etc).
  • Pick a day you want it done by (make it up, how’s by Thursday)
    You can also find an accountability buddy if this helps you (I love having someone to share my stuff with).
    Give yourself a small timeframe so it’s achievable and you have some boundaries e.g. You can start with 30 minutes a week or an hour. My song writing process is 1 hour per song -This helps avoid spending too much time thinking and procrastinating but enough time to play. I do go longer some weeks and that’s perfect, as long as I’m enjoying it. So, pick a minimum amount of time and do it!
  • If you have no ideas yet, good – set the timer and sit in the nothing – something always comes -just play with your first idea.
  • Then as you go along, find ways to shift your thinking to enjoy the process.

Keep showing up, you got this!

I’d love to hear from you. How are you going with this? How can I support you in finding your voice next level?

With absolute Love
Mandy xxx
Mobile 0400425636